Here’s How to Clean an Oven

  1. Open oven
  2. Call cleaner
  3. Pop the Prosecco


oven cleaning tips
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OK, if you don’t like Prosecco, are lost for something to do today, or just want to do it yourself as a kind of workout – here is how it is really done….


Oven Cleaning Tips


Ovens – home to burned-on cheese from a Friday night pizza, fat drips from a Sunday roast cooked in a hungover haze, and the unidentifiable goop that gathers in the door seals. This goop could possibly be the vapours from re-heated mid-week takeouts, or ready meals that erupted half way through cooking. Whatever the reason for your dirty oven issues, there is no need to be ashamed!


As your Domestic Goddess, I am here to share some cleaning tips that will leave you with an oven that you’ll be proud of!


Tip 1: The Natural Way

You will need:

Bicarbonate of Soda

Elbow Grease (that is hard scrubbing to the uninitiated, you won’t get much besides a snigger if you ask for a tub of that at the local shop!)


  • Mix the bicarbonbate of soda with water into a thick paste.
  • Smear the mix all over the inside of the oven, including racks and leave overnight.
  • Next morning, don you best marigolds, get a good scrubbing brush and go hell for leather with some warm water.
  • Clean the racks in the sink, it is a lot easier.

Hey presto, one shiny oven!


Tip 2: The Chemical Way

You can mix up some chemicals for a DIY chemical clean, but with so many products on the market, I wonder if there is really any point! So, pick up your favourite oven cleaner – I am a big fan of Mr Muscle,and then follow these essential steps.


  • Open the window so that the vapours don’t sting your eyes and ‘get your lungs’.
  • Pop some heavy duty long sleeve cleaning gloves on – you don’t want to be getting this stuff on your skin!
  • Remove the racks and scrape off as much of the burnt-on stuff as possible with a metal scourer or scraper, then smear with the oven cleaner, using a scrubber to work it into any fat deposits.
  • Remove any burnt remnants from the bottom of the oven, then apply the oven cleaner as directed in the manufacturer instructions.
  • Rise as stated in the instructions

Warning: You might also want to read the oven manufacturer instructions – find info about avoiding the element when cleaning, and also info on whether you can use abrasive cleaners and scourers etc. Some ovens are supposedly self-cleaning, and these might have special cleaning instructions that need following.


Tip 3: Preventing A Filthy Oven

If you muster the energy after enjoying some choice cuisine, a simple wipe down inside after each use, and before food and fat is burnt on, will make sure that you oven stays cleaner for longer. It really is that simple.



Do you have any oven cleaning tips to share with our readers? Please leave your tips in the comments below!


How to Clean an Oven

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